10/3/2016 – Iowa City Press-Citizen

“Brothers Jolli and Tony Odele recently stumbled on a business idea that altered their life path: helping people recycle their old phones and electronics.

Jolli, 25, and Tony, 28, both residents of Iowa City, said their business, Ovolve, is a link between people with broken or unwanted electronics and businesses that refurbish those items across the globe. They said Ovolve started as a side project while they were studying medicine in college and became a business about a year ago.” READ MORE

9/1/2016 – The Press Democrat

“The word “debt” loomed large in a literal way Thursday at Sonoma State University.

During the outset of a congressional town hall at the university’s student center, East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Pleasanton, told audience members they could text message a specific number with words describing the issues most important to them. Their answers would form a “word cloud” — in which the size of a word varies on how much it is used — projected on screens at either side of the stage.” READ MORE

5/9/2016 – MarketWatch.com

“Like most college students still at a school event on a Friday afternoon, the group of 30 or so students gathered in a large classroom at Medgar Evers College last week was initially not the most enthusiastic. Some needed coaxing to sit in the circle of chairs set up for them in the middle of the room. The first question of the afternoon was met with a pause before a young woman finally raised her hand to offer an answer.” READ MORE

4/15/2016 – Los Angeles Times

“Millennials might look at California Rep. Eric Swalwell and think he’s just another member of Congress, albeit one who looks younger than most of his colleagues. But then he talks about his nearly $100,000 in student loan debt.

“A lot of people in our generation think of Congress as an institution made up of people that don’t look like them, or go through experiences they have to go through. When you see members who do have student loan debt, you think, OK, maybe they do get it,” Swalwell said during an interview in his Capitol Hill office.” READ MORE

4/7/2016 – The Colorado Independent

“Are we heading toward the point of no return on climate change?

That was the first question posed to four Democrats from the U.S. House of Representatives, who addressed an audience of nonprofit leaders, green business innovators and community members in Denver Wednesday about the realities of climate legislation in Congress.” READ MORE

6/18/2015 – MarketWatch.com

“There’s no shortage of politicians sharing their opinions on the student debt crisis (See: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and even Chris Christie. But there are very few national lawmakers living with the burden of student loans every day.

Enter Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, who spends about $600 a month paying down his own education debt. Sitting behind his desk at his congressional office, the 34-year-old Congressman said he feels a responsibility to bring lawmakers’ attention to the issues his generation is most concerned about and as he knows personally, student loans are top of mind.” READ MORE

5/7/2015 – San Francisco Chronicle

“The issues that matter most to Millennials — student loan debt, jobs, climate change — are forcing Republicans and Democrats alike to push the boundaries of technology to attract America’s youngest voters, a likely key to the 2016 elections.

For East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell, 34, one of the youngest members of the House of Representatives, that meant sitting down with a crowd of Chabot Community College students in Hayward recently and talking about his own, still-unpaid $100,000 student loan debt.” READ MORE

4/23/2015 – Roll Call

“NEW YORK — On a Thursday evening earlier this month, a group of Democratic lawmakers entrusted with a big chunk of the party’s future mingled with well-dressed young professionals in an industrial-chic space in Manhattan, drinking glasses of wine and Mason jars of water infused with strawberries or cucumbers.  

The New Yorkers were eager to interact with the four Democrats — three of whom are not much older than the millennial-aged crowd of entrepreneurs, investors and innovators in attendance. One wanted to know what Congress could do to expand investment opportunities for new business ventures. Another talked about leveling the playing field between big and small businesses.” READ MORE

2/24/2015 – Roll Call

“Rep. Eric Swalwell got to Washington three years ago by taking on the establishment: Instead of waiting for Pete Stark, who was 80 at the time, to retire, Swalwell went after the 20-term Democratic incumbent.  

It was a bold move for a 31-year-old city councilman from the San Francisco suburbs, and Swalwell conceded in a recent interview with CQ Roll Call that he had concerns about how Stark’s longtime colleagues on Capitol Hill would react to his arrival. “Oh God, they’re all gonna hate me,” he remembered worrying.”  READ MORE