August 13, 2020
CONTACT: Molly Allen


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Future Forum PAC, the political arm of House Democrats’ millennial and Gen Z engagement group, announced its second round of candidate endorsements for the 2020 cycle. Future Forum PAC is supporting fourteen additional candidates who, like its current members, represent a new generation of leaders in public service who are forward-thinking and well-positioned to advance the interests of young Americans across the country.

“These endorsed candidates share our commitment to the values of justice, equality, and opportunity that are so critical to the next generation and the future of this country. Together, we will continue to be the generational force that strengthens our House majority and puts the needs of young people front and center,” said Future Forum PAC Co-Chairs Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.), Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.) and Future Forum Chair Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.).

Future Forum PAC is endorsing:

  • Stephen Daniel, Texas’ 6th Congressional District, @Stephendaniel
  • Kristy Gnibus, Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District, @Kristy4congress
  • Margaret Good, Florida’s 16th Congressional District, @GoodforFlorida
  • Adam Hattersley, Florida’s 15th Congressional District, @HattersleyforFL
  • Josh Hicks, Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, @Joshhicksky
  • Kaiali’i Kahele, Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District, @Kaikahele
  • Quinn Nystrom, Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, @QuinnNystrom
  • Hillary Scholten, Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, @HillaryScholten
  • Kate Schroder, Ohio’s 1st Congressional District, @KateForCongress
  • Lulu Seikaly, Texas’ 3rd Congressional District, @LuluForTexas
  • Desiree Tims, Ohio’s 10th Congressional District, @TimsDesiree
  • Ritchie Torres, New York’s 15th Congressional District, @RitchieTorres
  • Candace Valenzuela, Texas’ 24th Congressional District, @Candacefor24
  • Cameron Webb, Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, @DrCameronWebb

In June, Future Forum PAC announced its endorsement of the following candidates:

  • Dan Feehan, Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, @DanielFeehan
  • Christina Hale, Indiana’s 5th Congressional District, @HaleIndy
  • Brynne Kennedy, California’s 4th Congressional District, @BrynneSpeak
  • Sri Kulkarni, Texas’ 22nd Congressional District, @SriPKulkarni
  • Gina Ortiz Jones, Texas’ 23rd Congressional District, @GinaOrtizJones


Founded and launched in 2015, Future Forum is a coalition of young Democratic Members of Congress focused on issues and opportunities for millennial and Gen Z Americans. Now numbering 50 members, the group has visited more than 50 U.S. cities from coast to coast, listening to young Americans’ needs and concerns: from the student loan debt crisis to the decline of entrepreneurship to dwindling homeownership.