Take 5 minutes or less to do 1 of these 5 actions to help get out the vote for the upcoming midterms.

Give $5

Do you have a few dollars to give? Consider making a contribution to young, inspiring candidates across the country who are going to turn Congress blue! Donations to Future Forum go to support these candidates, like the Future 40, who are running in close races.

Click here to donate $5

Send 5 Postcards

If you love to draw, paint, write, or be creative, you’ll love sending postcards to voters across the country. You can tell them more about their candidates, and your thoughts on the midterms to help them turn out on November 6. Learn more at https://postcardstovoters.org/

Text 5 People

Have you started a conversation with your friends or family about the midterms? Help them get involved by texting them – all you have to do is copy and paste!



Hey! I know we were talking about the midterms the other day, and here are five things we can do that take less than five minutes. Do you want to do them with me this week? Here’s the link: futureforumpac.com/gimme5


What’s up? I know you love to write, and I wanted to show you how you can send postcards to voters in swing districts to make sure they vote in the midterms if you want to try it with me! http://bit.ly/send5posts


Hey hey – I know this is sort of out of the blue, but I just wanted to see if you’re registered to vote? I know most states’ deadlines are coming up, so I’d love to help you register if you’re not! You can find out here: http://bit.ly/register5ppl


So you know how we were talking about candidates to support? There’s a lot of of younger house candidates who could win and I found a place to easily contribute to help them – I’m going to do it today if you will too! Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/give5dollars


yknow how we wanted to do somethin for the election. found it. It’s called gimme 5. Even just postin on fb or making a little video helps. in? http://bit.ly/post5times

Register 5 Friends

It is important to make sure that your friends across the country are registered to vote in their districts! Help them to check if they are registered and sign up before the deadline at vote.org

Post 5 Times

Spreading the word on social is always helpful, especially with everyone getting most of their political news from their social feeds. To make it easy, we’ve added some ideas that you can just copy, paste, and post!

You can post multiple times until Election Day on the same profile or post once on every platform below.

Click here to download a folder of all of the images or scroll to the bottom to screenshot for your posts.

Facebook – short

You can help win this election by taking just 5 minutes to do something. I’m doing it, join me! Check it out at futureforumpac.com/gimme5

Facebook – long

This election is going to be really close, and we can all help. Some races in swing districts will be decided by just a few hundreds or thousands of votes. That’s why we need to do everything we can. Even if you’re in a blue district, even if you are super busy with no time, there are things you can do that take 5 minutes or less to help get the word out for these young, driven Democratic candidates. Visit futureforumpac.com/gimme5 to see 5 different things you can do to help, even sharing this post helps. If I can do it in my spare time, you can too.


Already registered to vote and want to do more? Here are 5 things you can do that each take 5 minutes or less. #Gimme5 futureforumpac.com/gimme5


Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to volunteer for a political campaign. But it’s also hard to do nothing for the election. #Gimme5 is all about doing small actions that take less than 5 minutes to help build a Congress that listens. I’m already doing 1 by posting this, so you can do it too. Check it out at futureforumpac.com/gimme5

Instagram Story

Make sure to include #Gimme5 and link to futureforumpac.com/gimme5 if you can.


Just take a short video telling people why this election matters to you—whether it’s about health care or student debt or maybe it’s your first election. Once you’ve uploaded, you can email it to [email protected] if you want us to share it too.

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5 ways to help this Nov