We need young candidates bringing new energy, new ideas, and new leadership. The Future 40 candidates have the drive to listen to their constituents and stop the wrecking ball that President Trump has taken to our health care, our paychecks, and our democracy.

Let’s build something new in Congress by supporting 2018’s Future 40 Leaders.

Clarke Tucker
Arkansas 2nd

Clarke is a seventh generation Arkansan and State Representative. As a cancer survivor, Clarke’s work to protect health care is personal. He and his wife, Toni, have 2 children.

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Jessica Morse
California 4th

Jessica is a fifth generation northern Californian and an avid outdoor enthusiast. She served as an advisor to the Commander of US Pacific Command in the State Department.

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Josh Harder
California 10th

Josh is a fifth generation Central Valley resident. A graduate of California’s public school system, Josh is a proven job creator. He teaches business at Modesto Junior College.

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Andrew Janz
California 22nd

The son of immigrants, Andrew has committed his life to public service. Andrew returned home after law school and became a prosecutor for Fresno County, and he is now running for Congress to continue serving the community.

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Katie Hill
California 25th

A lifelong resident of the 25th district and public school graduate. Katie worked to move more than 7000 individuals, vets and families off the streets through her non-profit work.

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Katie Porter
California 45th

A single mom of three, Katie is a consumer protection attorney who takes on big banks that hurt middle-class families. She is a den leader for her son’s cub scout pack.

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Mike Levin
California 49th

Mike was raised in South Orange County and is an environmental attorney and a Democratic party activist. He lives in San Juan Capistrano with his wife and two children.

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Ammar Campa-Najjar
California 50th

The son of a Catholic, working-class mother, Ammar was born and raised in San Diego. Ammar sought work as a janitor in a church, where he later became a youth leader. He went on to work for Obama for America and later served in the White House and Department of Labor.

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Joe Neguse
Colorado 2nd

The son of immigrants from Africa, Joe was elected to the Board of Regents as the second ever African American in Colorado’s history. Joe graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder and also received his JD from CU.

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Jason Crow
Colorado 6th

Jason was raised in a working-class family. Following 9/11, he served as a paratrooper in Iraq, earning a Bronze Star. He then served two more tours in Afghanistan. Jason is an attorney and veteran rights advocate.

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Lauren Baer
Florida 18th

An attorney and foreign policy expert, Lauren served as an official in the Obama Administration from 2011-2017, acting as a senior advisor to Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and to U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

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Abby Finkenauer
Iowa 1st

Abby was raised in a union family and is a first-generation college graduate. She currently serves as an Iowa State Representative.

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JD Scholten
Iowa 4th

JD is a former minor league baseball player and now works as a paralegal specializing in intellectual property law. JD is a 5th generation Iowan who believes in the values of hard work, civility, and community.

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Brendan Kelly
Illinois 12th

Brendan is the top prosecutor in the largest county of IL-12, a graduate of University of Notre Dame and a veteran of the US Navy.

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Lauren Underwood
Illinois 14th

Lauren, a Registered Nurse, was appointed by President Obama to serve as a Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). After her service in the administration, she moved home to work for her local community.

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Liz Watson
Indiana 9th

Liz is a fifth-generation Hoosier, working mom and workers’ rights attorney. Liz fights for working families and a fair wage.

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Paul Davis
Kansas 2nd

Paul is a lifelong Kansan and the son of two teachers. A graduate of the University of Kansas, Paul served five terms in the Kansas legislature. As the 2014 nominee for Governor, Paul won this district by 6 points.

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Sharice Davids
Kansas 3rd

Sharice was raised by a single mother Army veteran, graduated from community college and earned her law degree from Cornell. She has worked for underserved communities. Sharice is a Native American and member of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

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Jared Golden
Maine 2nd

Jared grew up in Lewiston, Maine, and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after September 11th, serving combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After earning his college education through veterans education benefits, Jared served in the Maine legislature.

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Elissa Slotkin
Michigan 8th

Elissa Slotkin is a third-generation Michigander and has spent her career in national service. She served with the Central Intelligence Agency — including three tours in Iraq — and worked directly for President Bush and President Obama on the White House National Security Council.

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Haley Stevens
Michigan 11th

Born and raised in Oakland County, MI, Haley was Chief of Staff on the Auto Task Force inside of the U.S. Treasury Department, the team responsible for saving the auto industry – and over 200,000 Michigan jobs.

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Dan Feehan
Minnesota 1st

Dan Feehan is a fifth-generation Minnesotan who served two tours in Iraq, taught in classrooms in low-income communities, and served in the Pentagon as Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense.

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Ilhan Omar
Minnesota 5th

At eight-years-old, Ilhan and her family fled Somalia and spent four years as refugees in Kenya before immigrating to the US and making Minnesota her home in 1997. She serves in the Minnesota State Legislature and is a lifelong community organizer and activist.

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Joe Radinovich
Minnesota 8th

Joe Radinovich is a fourth-generation Cuyuna Iron Ranger, a hunter, and a fisherman. He was raised in a family of miners, electricians, and health care workers. He experienced personal tragedy when his mother was shot and killed in their kitchen by another family member.

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Andy Kim
New Jersey 3rd

Andy grew up in South Jersey and is raising his two boys there. He is a national security expert and a Rhodes Scholar who served two years as President Obama’s Director for Iraq in the White House National Security Council.

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Xochitl Torres Small
New Mexico 2nd

Xochitl grew up in Las Cruces, NM and graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown University in just 3 years. She worked as a Field Representative for Senator Tom Udall, She also helped bring farmers, conservationists, and communities together to protect New Mexico’s water.

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Steven Horsford
Nevada 4th

Born and raised in Nevada, Steven led the state’s largest career training program helping thousands of workers find good jobs and made history as Nevada’s first African-American Senate Majority Leader.

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Chris Pappas
New Hampshire 1st

Chris was born and raised in NH-1. He is a small-business owner and community leader who will fight to solve the opioid crisis and secure affordable health care for every Granite Stater. If elected, Chris will be New Hampshire’s first openly gay representative.

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Max Rose
New York 11th

Max Rose is a U.S. Army veteran, an infantry company commander in the National Guard, and the former chief of staff for nonprofit Brightpoint Healthcare.

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Dana Balter
New York 24th

A lifelong educator, Dana has worked with parents, children and adults with disabilities to get the services they need.

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Antonio Delgado
New York 19th

A native of upstate New York, Antonio attended Colgate University, where he earned a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. Afterwards, he went to law school at Harvard. He started his own company designed to empower young people to learn through music.

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Anthony Brindisi
New York 22nd

Anthony Brindisi was born and raised in this district and currently serves the community as a State Assemblyman. He is known as a bipartisan consensus builder in Albany.

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Dan McCready
North Carolina 9th

Dan McCready is a USMC veteran and a clean energy entrepreneur in North Carolina. McCready founded a solar energy business with a fellow Marine that helped bring hundreds of jobs to North Carolina.

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Aftab Pureval
Ohio 1st

Aftab Pureval made history in 2016 when he was elected Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, defeating a Republican incumbent and becoming the first Democratic clerk in more than 100 years. During his tenure, Aftab ended patronage, cut fees, and saved taxpayers nearly $900,000.

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Ken Harbaugh
Ohio 7th

Ken grew up in a military family, the son and grandson of Air Force combat pilots. Ken joined the Navy, and led reconnaissance missions in the Middle East and off of North Korea.

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Danny O’Connor
Ohio 12th

Danny was born and raised in rural Ohio. He joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, served his community as a lawyer, small business owner, and Franklin County Recorder.

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Joe Cunningham
South Carolina 1st

Joe Cunningham is an ocean engineer, construction attorney, and new father. Joe is the youngest of five siblings and worked his way through school by working on tugs and barges.

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Lizzie Fletcher
Texas 7th

A lifelong Houstonian, Lizzie became her law firm’s first female partner, co-founded Planned Parenthood Young Leaders, and volunteers her legal services.

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Gina Ortiz Jones
Texas 23rd

Gina Ortiz Jones is an Iraq War veteran who went to college on a ROTC scholarship. After her career in the Air Force, she advised on intelligence operations in Latin America and Africa, before advising on economic and national security in the Obama administration.

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MJ Hegar
Texas 31st

MJ Hegar is a decorated Air Force and Air National Guard helicopter pilot who served three tours in Afghanistan. In 2012, she sued the Department of Defense over its now-repealed policy excluding women from ground combat operations.

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Colin Allred
Texas 32nd

Born and raised in North Dallas by a single mom, Colin earned a full-ride football scholarship to Baylor University and deferred his acceptance to the University of California Berkeley School of Law to play five seasons in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans. Colin returned to Berkeley, earned his JD, and now works as a Special Assistant in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of General Counsel.

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Ben McAdams
Utah 4th

Ben is a seventh generation Utahn and father of four who currently represents 1.2 million people as Mayor of Salt Lake County. As a state legislator and as Mayor, McAdams earned a reputation as a leader who worked with Republicans and Democrats to create jobs, improve education, and reduce homelessness – all while balancing the budget.

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Elaine Luria
Virginia 2nd

Elaine was deployed six times to the Middle East and Western Pacific as a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer during her 20-year Navy career. A small business owner, Elaine lives in Norfolk with her husband and daughter.

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Abigail Spanberger
Virginia 7th

Abigail served in the C.I.A. as a covert officer overseas for eight years, much of it investigating international terrorism cases. In 2014, she moved to the private sector in native Virginia, where she and her husband raise their three daughters.

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